Sewage Backup & Cleanup In Chilliwack

If you live in Chilliwack and have a home or business that has suffered from a sewer backup and needs cleanup services.

Call our Certified water and sewer damage cleanup specialists immediately.

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Sewage Backup & Cleanup In Chilliwack

Sewage Backup and Cleanup Teams in Chilliwack can be at your home or business within 45 minutes of an emergency call. We are available 24/7/365.

Sewage spills can cause an extreme amount of damage to your home if not treated properly and in a timely fashion.

The sewage cleanup technicians at Insurance Restoration Pro of Chilliwack have the education and certification to care for your sewage water backups right away and Professionally.

Our certified crews understand that sewage water can affect your home at any time of the year.
In the wintertime, sewage pipes can freeze and break underneath the home or inside exterior walls.
Or if heavy rains in the spring and fall can raise the water table and force sewer systems to fail.

You can depend on our IICRC certified technicians to use the correct procedures if sewage has affected your home or business.

We will use the proper moisture detection meters and cleaning and sanitizing procedures to care for your home and health.

The IRPRO Team treats sewage and water cleanup with the utmost importance and we will be sure to get your home or business back to like it never happened.

Types of Sewage Water Damage in Chilliwack

Overflow or back-up of the drainage systems in your home:
Toilets can become blocked and overflow if it’s not plunged soon enough.

(If this happens, quickly reach behind the toilet and turn off the supply line that feeds water to the tank until the blockage is released)

Blockage of a city sanitary main: If the city main gets blocked, it may cause water to back up into your home through your pipes. 

Tree roots: When you have older pipes, sewer lines, and water entry pipes, tree roots can find their way into the pipes and cause blockages.

You can check for this problem on your own lines by having a plumber check your pipelines with a camera and do some basic preventative maintenance on your home. 

Flooding or Overland water

This happens when an extensive amount of rainwater falls, saturates the earth to the point that the water table rises.

If this happens, the water can force its way into your home through the concrete foundation where it has cracks or vulnerable points of entrance

Quickly Removing Sewage Water from Your Home or Business

flood and sewer backup restoration in chilliwack
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