10 Amazing Statistic That Will Blow Your Mind About Fire Damage In Chilliwack

10 Amazing Statistic That Will Blow Your Mind About Fire Damage In Chilliwack

Insurance Restoration Pro Image 1 10 Amazing Statistic That Will Blow Your Mind About Fire Damage In Chilliwack

Chilliwack – Fire Damages – Silent Threats

Some of the damage can come after the fire has been extinguished. The immediate danger is over bu, lookout – there are still hazards. Soot, a black powdery carbon substance, is a real threat to your health.

Soot particles are invisible and can penetrate everything.

If it is inhaled, it can do harm to your lungs and cause breathing issues.

Toxic gases released from varying types of materials burned in the home or from the fire itself can also be harmful.

Make sure that before you enter the structure, a professional says that it is safe! What you can’t see can hurt you. 

Chilliwack – Primary Cause of Death in Home Fires 

It will probably not surprise you that smoking can lead to fires – what is sad is that it is the top killer of people in home fires – about 1 in 4.

Forty-three percent of smoking fires originate in the living room, 34 percent in the bedroom, and a surprising 18 percent in an open porch or balcony. 

Chilliwack – Every 24 seconds!

The National Fire Prevention Association reports that in 2018 fire departments responded to a fire call every 24 seconds.

These calls represent responses to structures such as restaurants or movie theatres (every 63 seconds), homes (every 87 seconds), and outside fires (every 52 seconds).  

Chilliwack – The Heart of The Home – The Kitchen

Most people consider that the heart of the home is the kitchen. Yet this warm place that can yield great food is the most common area for fire damage to occur.

Forty-two percent of all fires start in the kitchen. Unattended pots or grease that has overheated are the leading culprits.

Interestingly, electric rather than gas stoves are the most dangerous.

Chilliwack – Happy Holidays – Maybe Not

A sad set of statistics shows that Christmas tree fires cause an average of 200 fires a year, with one out of fifty-two fires causing death.

Close to 800 fires related to all seasonal decorations occurred from 2013 to 2017, with damage estimated at 12 million dollars.

Keep heating sources away from holiday decorations and be especially careful with candles!

Chilliwack – Capable of high speed!

Fires can travel up to 14 miles an hour or even faster in outside locations.

A home can be engulfed in flames anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes, according to Homeland Security.

Temperatures can move to 190 degrees within one and a half minutes, and can escalate to upwards of 600%!

These starling statistics illustrate how quickly fire damage can occur.

Chilliwack – Money and Fire Damages

Did you know that if your home has experienced fire damage and paper money has sustained damage, there may be relief in store!

Place each part of a bill, or bill, in a plastic bag and handle it as little as possible.
If at least half of the bill is intact, you have two ways that it may be replaced.

You can take it to the nearest Federal Reserve Bank, or you can send it to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C.

Chilliwack – Fire Damage Losses

A staggering 25.6 billion dollars of property loss occurred in 2018 related to fire damages – up 11 percent from 2017.

Though this figure represents only one year, it is still indicative of the high costs associated with fires every year.

This number includes structures and its contents, including mechanical equipment and machines.

Chilliwack – Fire Aftermath

After a fire, we think of fire damage, but water damage usually goes hand in hand with fire.

So the costs associated with restoration often include remediation for water as well. Industry estimates are that the average cost of repairs is $12,000.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember that it is an average.

Total costs for restorations due to fire or fire with associated water damages comes to a whopping 6.7 billion dollars a year (2018 figures). 

So Much Water!

Water and other chemicals are used by firefighters to put out fires. That fact is nothing new for most of us.

But did you know that fighting a fire can result in hundreds of gallons of water being pumped into your home very quickly?

A three hose fire truck can produce 1,000 gallons of water per minute!  

More Helpful tips on keeping your home safe before and after a fire read here

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