Water Damage Restoration In Chilliwack

One of the main reasons for property owners in Chilliwack to file an insurance claim related to water damage is because water has intruded into the home, basement, or crawlspace because of severe weather.

Another reason you may need a Water Damage Restoration Company In Chilliwack is due to an overflow or broken pipes in the house.

No matter what the cause – or where it occurred – Insurance Restoration Pro can help.

We can respond to your call 24/7, extract the water, and dry out areas affected.

water damage restoration in Chilliwack

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Water Damage Cleanup In Chilliwack

When you need to hire a Water Damage Cleanup Contractor in Chilliwack you should know the process they will use to get you home or business back to its original condition. Insurance Restoration Pro would like to share ours with you below.

  1. Safety Inspection
  2. Source Location & Documentation
  3. Protection of Personal Contents & Documentation
  4. Water Removal
  5. Environmental Controls Put In Place & Documentation
  6. Removal of Non-Salvageable Materials & Documentation
  7. Cleaning of Affected Areas & Documentation
  8. Structural Drying Equipment Places & Documentation
  9. Drying Record Recorded
  10. Daily Monitoring (re-occurring until drying goals reached)
Broken water pipe cleanup in Chilliwack

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See The Top 10 Reasons Why Water Damage Companies In Chilliwack Are Called

Insurance companies report that as many as half of all their water damage claims are due to non-storm related events, and that means that nearly 17% of their applications are due to storm-related water damage situations.

The top ten most common reasons why Water Removal Companies in Chilliwack are called are as follows.

  1.  Busted or leaking pipes. Frozen temperatures can cause pipes to burst. Corrosion or buildups of minerals can cause broken pipes as too. Joints are especially vulnerable areas of plumbing pipes. 
  2. Flooding due to bad weather. Large amounts of stormwater, with or without driving winds, rising water levels, or hurricanes, can cause major flooding. Even melting snow can often cause water issues in a house.
  3. Overflows from your home’s plumbing fixtures. Accidental overflows from things like sinks, toilets, or bathtubs often lead to water damage situations. Overflow pans in the HVAC can also spell disaster.
  4. Appliances that fail over time. Another common area of leaks is a water line that feeds into the refrigerator. Dishwashers and washing machines are also known as a culprit in flooding events in Chilliwack homes. 
  5. Leaking or failed hot water heaters. Generally, this happens at the relief value at the top of the HVAC unit, but the bottom may leak as too due to mineral buildup and corrosion.  
  6. Poor drainage and clogged gutters. Any sloping of less than six inches of fall over a span of ten feet may cause water to enter your basement, crawl space. Clogged gutters often force massive amounts of water to enter the ground, quickly saturating it. This water against the foundation of your home can lead to more leaks.
  7. Sump pump failure. The sump pump may fail due to power outages, or a switch may malfunction. We see these types of water damage all the time.
  8. Roof leaks or collapse. Slow unseen leaks over time or rain coming in through varying size cracks and holes can buildup. One of the most common issues that occur is when a tree collapses on a roof. Where one roof line meets another is also a major hot spot for leaks.
  9. Foundation issues. Fissures, holes, or cracks in your foundation may allow the intrusion of both groundwater and surface water.
  10. Sewage backups. This happens all to often because wastewater cannot correctly drain away from yours. Septic backups can also spell disaster.

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