Water Damage Restoration In Abbotsford

Water can intrude into a home from outside the house or from the inside. Any part of a home can fall victim to water with safety, often becoming an issue.

Water damages can happen anywhere or at any time of year. If not handled quickly, it can lead to increased damage to a home’s structure and contents.

This would include the growth of mold, which would probably mean mold remediation on top of water damage restoration.

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Top 10 Reasons Water Damage Restoration Companies In Abbotsford Are Called

There are so many scenarios that can, and do, lead to homeowners having to call a water damage restoration company.

Some of the most common situations are identified below.

  1. Flood event. Water surging and overwhelming drainage systems can lead to significant amounts of water in a home and can sometimes lead to a total loss.  
  2. Roof leaks. Falling branches or trees can puncture a roof and allow water into the attic. Sometimes, however, the damage may be less obvious.
    Water can travel under areas of the fascia, frieze boards, or damaged shingles and soak sheathing, rafters, and more. Melting ice dams formed on roofs are another source of water intrusion.
  3. Pipes anywhere in the home can break. Even a pinhole in a pipe can leak out more water than you might think!
  4. Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs can overflow. Usually, it’s accidental, and running water is left unattended. However, clogs can also put a strain on plumbing fixtures.
  5. Water heater failure or leaks. There are many valves that can leak, and if pressure builds up in the tank, it can fail or even burst.
  6. Wind-driven rain. A small amount of rain -with driving winds – can still wreak havoc. It can travel under soffits, shingles, siding, and vents.
  7. Leaking windows and doors. Water can get in through gaps in caulking, or between the window and the sill.  
  8. Unfortunately, in putting out a fire, water damage may be a result.  
  9. Overflows from kitchen sinks are relatively common. Dishwashers can fail and leak a large amount of water slowly or all at once. Probably the biggest kitchen culprit is a leak in the water line going to a refrigerator.  
  10. Failure of drainage systems or sump pumps. Sometimes incorrectly installed sump pumps. 
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Questions To Ask A Water Damage Restoration Company In Abbotsford

Water damage should be handled quickly by a professional. They have the expertise and equipment required to minimize damage to your home.

Some questions to ask before you hire a Restoration company is. 

  1. Is the company bonded, licensed, and insured?
  2. Can you work with my insurance companies?
  3. How many years of experience in water damage restoration do you and your technicians have?
  4. What specific certifications do you hold related to water damage restoration?
  5. What specific equipment will you use to extract the water?
  6. What equipment will you use to dry out the materials in my home?
  7. What materials will you use to clean and sanitize my home?
  8. How will you determine what is a loss and what can be salvaged?
  9. Will you be responsible for disposing and documentation of loss items?
  10. Where will my contents be stored, if necessary, while you are working?
  11. Will your workers follow all OSHA safety standards?
  12. Are you aware of local state and federal guidelines that deal with water damage restoration?
  13. Are you versed in the drying temperatures and times required for the various types of materials in my home?
  14. Once the drying equipment is in place, how often will you come back and check on progress?
  15. How will you handle possible mold development?
  16. How long will my job take?
  17. Can you start immediately?

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