How To Prevent Flooding In Your Garage

Chilliwack BC is Prone to Flooding Garage flooding is often a significant issue, especially in areas that are vulnerable to heavy rainfall or experience thawing snow and ice during springtime. …

Basement Flood Clean Up | Chilliwack BC

Flooded basement clean-up

DO YOU HAVE WATER DAMAGE AT YOUR HOME IN CHILLIWACK? IS YOUR BASEMENT FLOODED? LET US RESTORE IT! Do not let water damage sit. Our restoration experts at Insurance Restoration …

5 ways to protect your property from water damage

5 Ways to Protect Your Property Against Water Damage

Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley has areas that are prone to flooding. Flooding is typically unexpected and happens very rapidly. Whether it comes from a broken water pipe or from natural causes, flooding can cause significant water damage if you are not prepared. There are some simple steps you can take to protect your property before a possible flood occurs