Live in Chilliwack and require Mould removal?

Chilliwack is one of the most beautiful, lush, green places in the Fraser Valley. With an average yearly rainfall of 71.0″ (1803.4 mm) and 186.4 days of rain combined with high humidity.

If not controlled and maintained in your home or business, this can mean there can be a potential for bacteria amplification.

Where is Mould Hiding

Around your home there are a few areas to check if there is mould present. I have put together a list of prime areas to look.

  • Attics (check the plywood sheeting and around exhaust vents)
  • Bathrooms
  • Plumbing fixtures that sweat or are leaking
  • Laundry rooms (dryer vent disconnected or not vent out properly)
  • Basements around perimeter walls or low ventilated corners
  • Windows tend to collect condensation in winter months


First, I would highly recommend not to disturb any visible mould without first calling a professional remediator.

Even over the phone, and with a few pictures taken with your cell can put your mind at ease on how to move forward in cleaning.

If you are just going to look closer at the area affected, PLEASE USE RECOMMENDED PPE to protect yourself and your family.

Use minimum PPE when cleaning up a small area affected by mold (less than 10 square feet total). Minimum PPE includes gloves, goggles/eye protection and an N-95 respirator. An N-95 respirator covers the nose and mouth, filters out 95 percent of airborne particulates and is available in most hardware stores. It does not provide eye protection. (Taken from EPA.GOV)

Who Do You Call In Chilliwack to Remove Mould?

Mould is everywhere and very necessary for our environment to break down matter,

But some Mould requires Professional Remediation and disposal. There is proper and safe way to inspect, test, remove and air clear the home or business to make sure the work was performed correct.

At IRPRO we are certified to inspect and remediate mould. We hire 3rd party air clearance testing to ensure you have a cleaner home or business when we leave.

Mould Removal Certifications

Its one thing to say we are capable to remove mould from your home or business but you need to feel assured that we have been properly trained and certified.

I have attached my Mould removal and inspector certifications for you to see.

NAMRI Certification Mould Removal Services In Chilliwack
Mould Remediator and Inspector in Chilliwack

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Chilliwack Mould removal company
Chilliwack Mould Removal Company