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Fire damage restoration in Chilliwack

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Did you know that firefighters respond to house fires nearly 350,000 times a year! The number one area of a home that experiences a fire is in the kitchen.
We bet you knew that fact already.

But fires can also occur just about anywhere in a home. Most people don’t even think about outside fires due to things like lightning, fire pits, and bonfires, or barbeques that also cause a ton of fire damage to many homes in Chilliwack.

Now when it comes to restoring a home after fire damage, it is best that it be handled by a professional fire damage restoration company.

Insurance Restoration Pro has the equipment and experience needed to handle the aftermath of a fire.

How Do You Restore A Fire Damaged Home In Chilliwack?

House Fire Restoration Services in Chilliwack

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The U.S. Fire Administration advises property owners to be very careful about the risks associated with cleaning up the aftermath of fire-damaged properties.

Things like water and soot that are left behind can make you sick, and the structure itself may not be all that safe.

Here are some excellent tips on what to do after a house fire.
They recommend that you refrain from touching anything in the home and call your insurance company first as soon as possible.

We recommend that you hire a fire restoration company in Chilliwack that you can trust and will follow industry standards during the restoration process as we do here at Insurance Restoration Pro.

The necessary steps of the process we take are as follows.

First, we assess the damage to the property and board up any areas that need to be shielded from the elements, such as the roof, windows, and doors.

Then we start with removing any water that was used by the homeowner or firefighters to put out the fire.

After that we remove all contents, carefully inventorying everything we remove and even what we don’t remove, with photo documentation.

Then our technicians will determine what materials will be discarded and which can be restored. Individual attention in cleaning is given to all documents, photos, and electrical equipment inside the structure.

Next, we dispose of all non-salvageable items. Once that is complete we start the cleanup and sanitizing of the areas with damage.

Finally, we work to start the cleaning, drying, and deodorizing of the structure that can take many days or even weeks.

Of course, the aftermath of a small fire will be less time-consuming to restore when compared to a large fire. 

What Are The Top Causes of Fire Damages in Chilliwack?

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This Statistic might interest you! The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that every 24 seconds, a fire truck is called to a fire.

What are the common causes of the fires to which they are responding in most of these cases?
Generally, they’re fires that began in the kitchen of the home when cooking equipment overheated.

Electrical and lighting systems – bulbs too close to lampshades, dryers, frayed wires, and overloaded plugs are also major sources for fires that affect residents in Chilliwack every year.

Smoking, fires outside from barbeques and bonfires, flammable liquids in the home, and lightning strikes cause fires.
You may have guessed that children playing with matches would be on this list.

Now add unattended candles, creosote buildup in fireplaces, and Christmas trees to many of the origins of the fire damages people experience.
Unfortunately, arson is on the rise in many places.

How Long Does It Take To Restore A Home After A Fire in Chillwack?

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The extent of the damage caused by fire often plays a critical part in the time it takes to mitigate the damages and restore a property to its prior condition.

A fire damage cleanup company in Chilliwack like Insurance Restoration Pro might handle a small fire that did not require water to extinguish it in a few short days.
Now, on the other hand, large extensive fires can take weeks or even months to restore, depending on the size of the structure and the extent of fire damage.

Also, the steps of evaluating, removing, cataloging, and cleaning or discarding all the personal items of home are extremely time-consuming. Special cleaning requirements for things like electronics and documents or photos can add to the period of restoration.

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