Area Rug Restoration and Cleaning is a totally different method to handle than normally

Area rug Restoration and Cleaning
Area rug Restoration and Cleaning

If Area rug Restoration and Cleaning is required, it is usually because it has been damaged by something other than just regular wear and tear or household use.

A Fire, water, or sewer loss can affect a rug with soot or bacteria that may embed into the fibers if it is not cleaned properly and soon. The need to Restore the Rug is vital in order to save it.

The rug cleaning process will change if it’s been affected by these specific situations. Crocking or Dye bleed can result. special Dye Loc* products will be required in order to minimize the transfer of rich colors to others right beside them.

Dye Crocking on area rug
Dye Crocking.

Soot is very acidic and can affect the dye sites in the fibers of the area rug. Special chemicals are required to reduce the effect of this acidic chemical reaction.

Area Rug Restoration Is an Art

Area Rugs are usually a high ticket purchase for a home or office to satisfy a specific need
Usually chosen for their color, size, fiber type, and cleanability.

They are made from both natural and synthetic fibers so the cleaning process will be different for each fiber type.

Synthetics like nylon and olefin are easier to clean than wool, silk, cotton, jute or sisal, etc…

Synthetics can be cleaned fairly easily whereas natural fiber rugs need more care and attention in order to Restore and Damaged Rug

Each damaged rug needs to be inspected thoroughly in order to design the best possible restoration and cleaning process unique to that rug

What is the Rug Restoration and Cleaning Process that we do?

  1. Detailed pre-cleaning inspection with list of recommendations for your rugs
  2. Analysis to determine any areas requiring special attention
  3. Vacuuming to loosen any soil and debris
  4. Pre-treatment of any spots and stains
  5. Rug cleaning by the safest method possible, based on its material and condition
  6. Application of topical treatments as necessary/requested
  7. Grooming of the rug until it achieves a uniform appearance
  8. Hanging the rug in our humidity-controlled drying room, which limits risk of color run and shrinkage
  9. Once dried, inspection of the rug to ensure it meets IRPRO Clean’s high standards of quality. If we are not satisfied with its appearance or condition, we will repeat our process until we achieve this standard.
  10. Rolling up and wrapping of the rug to keep it fresh and clean

Our Sister Company IRPRO Clean is a Top Rated and Highly certified Area Rug Restoration and Cleaning Team

IRPRO Clean is Located right beside Insurance Restoration Pro in the same facility

They have invested a lot into their Area Rug Processing plant and wash care facility

If you have experienced any damage to your precious Area rug and require Rug Restoration and Cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact them at 604-316-6463 or email them at

Call 604-316-7075 For Emergency Assistance
Chilliwack Area rug Restoration and Cleaning
Chilliwack Area rug Restoration and Cleaning